Reminding Voters to Seek NJ-Specific General Election Information

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(Camden, NJ) – Recent reports have brought attention to a mailer currently landing in the mailboxes of New Jersey residents containing inaccurate voting information for the 2020 general election. The Camden County Clerk and Board of Elections encourage voters to familiarize themselves with the changes to this year’s voting process well in advance of the election, and to avoid conflicting information.

“The mailer sent by USPS seems to be well-intentioned, but the information it provides regarding vote-by-mail is not specific to the changes put in place in New Jersey,” said County Clerk Joseph Ripa. “All registered voters in New Jersey will be receiving mail-in ballots for the coming election, regardless of whether they typically vote by mail. There are also multiple ways to return your mail ballot, either through the postal service, in-person at the board of elections, or by utilizing one of 13 VBM drop boxes around the county.”

In light of the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Governor Phil Murphy has signed legislation making significant changes to how the 2020 General Election will be conducted. Voters in Camden County should take appropriate steps to prepare for, and familiarize themselves with, these changes as soon as possible.

The following changes will be in effect for the 2020 General Election:

  • To limit unnecessary exposure, the election will be conducted mostly by Vote by Mail (VBM) Ballot.
  • There will be limited in-person polling places where voters can cast their vote by paper Provisional Ballots.
  • Per the new law, you cannot vote via machine at the polls (there will be an ADA accessible ballot marking devices available for voters that are unable to vote via paper ballot).

For the first time, New Jersey is also now allowing eligible residents to register to vote online. In order to register online, you will need your date of birth and one valid form of identification. More information is available by visiting New Jersey residents must be registered by Oct. 13, 2020, in order to vote in this election.  

In Camden County, the initial mailing of ballots for voters registered before Sept. 14, is as follows:

  • Mailing will begin the week of Sept. 21
  • All ballots will be in the mail by Oct. 5
  • For efficiency, the larger municipalities will be mailed first while preparing the smaller mailings to be sent closer to the Oct. 5 deadline
  • If you do not receive your ballot by Oct. 12, you can CLICK HERE to request a replacement ballot

All new registrations occurring after Sept. 14 will be sent out shortly after registration.

More information regarding how to return your VBM ballot, how to track your ballot, and a list of answers to frequently asked questions, can be found by visiting