Nichelle Pace

Nichelle Pace, Camden

Nichelle Pace, resident of Camden and Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Camden Business Association possesses an unyielding love for her community and passion for issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nichelle launched the Small Biz Digital Bootcamp (TM), a series of workshops and consultations to help local small businesses in Camden and the region with affordable resources and education in branding and digital marketing. This work evolved into on-going advocacy of small, women, veteran, and minority-owned businesses in the Camden area. As Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Camden Business Association, she led the organization into a full rebrand and restructuring to better serve the needs of the Camden small business community, and is currently advocating for much-needed COVID relief. Nichelle has also previously served as Associate Vice President of MarComm to the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Marketing Association, the Accreditation Committee Marketing Lead for the African American Chamber of NJ, and on the volunteer Marcomm committee for Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. All of Nichelle’s work has been in an effort to create an inclusive and thriving business landscape for the Camden Business Community. She actively advocates at the city, county, and state levels for opportunities and resources for small and minority-owned businesses (SMWVBEs) as well as large business entities while building partnerships and supporting local purchasing initiatives with Camden’s anchor institutions, large corporations, regional business organizations, city, county and state agencies. Not only does Nichelle provide a voice for Camden area businesses as a liaison to the city, but she also educates, trains and prepares businesses to be competitive in both the private and public-sector marketplace.


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