Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on Wednesday and Thursday

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(Lindenwold, NJ) – Late Wednesday and Thursday evening the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County. During the summer and fall months the commission schedules on an as-needed basis based upon the results of their surveillance efforts and input from the public.

“As we get later into the summer, showers and pop-up storms are becoming more frequent, so homeowners should consistently monitor where water might gather on their property,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission. “Mosquitos need standing water to breed, so after any rain you can help keep them from your property by removing any standing water that may be left in places like flower pots and containers. This helps us reduce the pest population in your neighborhood, and it assists the efforts of the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission.”

The Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday July 26th and Thursday, July 27th between the hours of 10pm-6am in the following locations:

Cherry Hill:  Lucerne Blvd, Lucerne Ct, Geneva Ln, St Moritz Ln, Collage Ln, Collage Ct, Cameo Ct, Cameo Dr, Gallery Ln, Renaissance Dr, Artisan Way, Society Hill Blvd, Downs Dr, S Cranford Rd, Fireside Ln, Barby Ln, Gatewood Rd, Viking Ln, Larkspur Rd, Morris Dr, Lilac Ln, Dewberry Ln, Country Club Dr, Rolling Ln, Russet Dr, Queen Anne Rd, Doral Dr, Echo Pl, Balsam Rd, Cypress Ln, Heartwood Rd, Arthur Dr, Brian Dr, Knights Pl, Kings Dr, Spruce St, Orchard Ave, Chapel Ave, Merchant St, William St, Wisteria Ave, Miller Ave, Lawrence St, Main St, Hinchman Ave, Greenleigh Ct, Westminster Ave, St James Ave, Plymouth Pl, Provincetown Rd, Portsmouth Rd, Mansfield Blvd, Philellena Rd, Haral Pl, Mt Pleasant Way, Roumfort Ave, Robwill Pass, Salem Rd, Plymouth Dr, Lowber Dr, Old Town Rd, McKinley Rd, Columbia Blvd, Wilson Rd, Lincoln Ave S, Roosevelt Dr, Garfield Ave, N Monroe Ave, Cooper Landing Rd, Pennsylvania Ave, New York Ave, McGill Ave, W Miami Ave, Virginia Ave, Connecticut Ave, Massachusetts Ave, Rhode Island Ave, New Hampshire Ave, Vermont Ave, Maine Ave, Ridge Rd, Valley Run Dr, W Ormond Ave, Bedford Ave, Martin Ave, Weld Ave, Graham Ave, Warren Ave, Severn Ave, Sherwood Ave, Wynnwood Ave, Mercer St, Hanover Ave, Murray Ave, Dover St, Fulton St, Woodbury Ct, Woodbury Dr, W High Ridge Rd, W Brook Dr, Birchwood Park Dr S, Greentree Way, Lakeview Dr, Lakeview Ct, Crestview Dr ,Dorset Rd, Weston Dr, Weston Ct, Partree Rd, Ashford Rd, Lavenham Rd, Dunbarton Rd, Buxton Rd, Market St, Wexford Ct, Highgate Ln, Rooftree Rd, Cricket Ln, Windgate Rd

Landis Ave, Manor Ave, Kendall Blvd, Bryant Ave, W Holly Ave, Walnut Ave, W Oakland Ave, W Cedar Ave, Spruce Ave, Maple Ave, W Park Ave, Congress Ave

Haddon Heights
Hillside Ave, S Park Ave, Prospect Ridge Blvd, Bryn Mawr Ave, Narberth Ave, Wayne Ave, St Martins Ave, Wynnefield Ave, Oak Ave, Chestnut Ave, Cedar Ave, Glenview Ave, Devon Ave, Glenside Ave, Bellmawr Ave, Glover Ave, Fulling Mill Ln, Sylvan Dr, Thomolden Ave, 13th Ave, Keswick Ave, Dallas Ave

Marne Ave, Ardmore Ave, Wood Ln, Wayne Ave, N Haddon Ave

Haddon Twp
Stratford Ave, Akron Ave, Geneva Ave, Cooper St, Utica Ave, Vesper Ave

Edelweiss Ln, Edelweiss Ct, Alpine Ct

Winslow Twp
Debras Ln, Fletcher Blvd, Hillside Ct, Cedar Hill Dr, Woodside Ln, Normandy Dr, Nottingham Dr, Muirfield Dr, Blue Anchor Rd

Zimmerman Ave, Atlantic Ave, Sherman Ave, McClellan Ave, ucas Ave

Gibbsboro Rd, Pennsylvania Ave, Washington Ave, Spring Lake Dr, Silver Lake Dr, Ohio Ave, Trout Ave, Hoffman Ave, Higgins Ave, Van Horn Ave, Godshalk Ave, Meehan Blvd, W Atlantic Ave, Highland Ave, E Atlantic Ave, Point Breeze Ave, Albertson Ave, Palethorpe Ave, Overington Ave, Palmeoa Ave, Sepviva Ave, Hazzard Ave, Orleans Ave, Pierce Ave