Mosquito Spraying throughout Camden County Thursday

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(Lindenwold, NJ) – Early Thursday morning the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County.

Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission, talked about being cognizant of standing water.

“It’s important for homeowners to check their yard and get rid any standing water to prevent mosquitos from spreading,” Nash said. “Be sure to check flowerpots and other plastic containers for standing water. Being proactive have major impact on the mosquito population and help the hardworking people at the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission in their efforts.”

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday, May 23, between the hours of 2 AM and 6 PM in the following locations, weather permitting:

Pine Hill
E. 13th Ave.
E. 12th Ave.
E. 11th Ave.
E. 10th Ave.
E. 9th Ave.
E. 8th Ave.
E. 7th Ave.
E. 6th Ave.
E. 5th Ave.
E. 4th Ave.
Kayser Ave.
Erial Rd.
Wright Ave.
King George Rd.
Daniels Ave.
Congress Rd.
Country Club Rd.

Gloucester Township
Hazeltop Dr.
Clubhouse Ln.
Swift Run Dr.
Skyline Dr.
Shenandoah Dr.
Loft Mountain Dr.

Cherry Hill
Hadleigh Dr.
Lynford Dr.
Hadleigh Terr.
Hadleigh Ct.
Lynford Ct.
Brondesbury Dr.
Brondesbury Pl.
Jill Marcill Dr.
Partridge Ln.
Staffordshire Rd.
Brick Rd.
E. Partridge Ln.
Inskeep Ct.
Sudely Ct.
Kate Ct.
Todd Ct.
Cherrywood Ct.
Kingsdale Ave.
Pawtucket Dr.
Capshire Dr.
Cohasset Ln.
St. Anthony Ct.
St. Michael Ct.
Kresson Rd.
E. Evesham Rd.
W. Miami Ave.
E. Miami Ave.
W. Ormond Ave.
E. Ormond Ave.
W. Tampa Ave.
E. Tampa Ave.
Queens Ave.
Daytona Ave.
Jackson Rd.
Valley Run Dr.
Princess Rd.
Kings Hwy N.
Yorktown St.
Hale Dr.
Paine Pl.
Towers of Windsor Dr.
Burlington Pl.
Brandywine Pl.
Gratz Ct.
Barthram Ln.
Tory Ct.
Haddonfield Berlin Rd.
Kresson Rd.
Elmhurst Ave.
Willard Ave.
Moore Ave.
Coleman Ave.
McPhelin Ave.
Tavistock Ct.
Tavistock Rd.
Woodstock Ct.
Ponds Ct.
Haddon Ct.
Deerchase Ct.
Tindale Ct.

Ehrke Rd

Garfield Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Hendricks Ave.
Atlantic Ave.
Merion Ave.

Hendricks Ave.
Old White Horse Pk.
Maple Ave.
6th St.
Carriage Ln.
Raritan Ave.
Linden Ave.
Ashland Ave.
Fernwood Ave.
Richard’s Ave.
Richard’s Ct.
Lincoln Ave.
Green Meadow Dr.
Sesame St.
Linda Ln.
Cannery Row
Partridge Way
Louden Ln.
Longwood Ln.
Forrest Dr.
Fox Run Dr.
Fox Ln.
Fox Ct.
Ilene Ln.
Judith Ln.
Anthony Rd.
Ashford Terrace
Lexington Dr.
Plymouth Dr.
Tremont Ave
Chateau Ct.
Lorkim Ln.
Willow Way
Wexford Way
Hillside Dr.
Pinewood Ln
Atco Ave.
3rd St.
4th St.
5th St.
Clifford Ave.
Bartram Ave.
Auburn Ave.