Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on August 30th

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Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Monday August 30th between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Briar Ln.
Deer Park Circle
Doe Dr.
Fawn Ct.
Murray Way
Hidden Dr.
Erial Rd.
Primrose Ln.
Windmill Dr.

Daffodil Dr.
Jasmine Ln.
Tigerlily Ln.
Snowberry Ct.
Teaberry Ct.
Jonquil Way
Honeysuckle Dr.
Coralberry Ct.
Asperula Dr.
Stonecrop Ct.
Clover Ct.
Mayflower Dr.
Erik Ct.
Arabis Dr.
Firethorn Ln.
Larkspur Circle
Sagebrush Ln.
Azalea Dr.
Bamboo Ct.
Sayre Dr.
Aster Dr.
Viburnum Ct.
Rosebrush Ct.
Redbud Dr.

Cherry Hill
Snowden Pl.
Banner Rd.
Downing St.
Sandringham Rd.
Sandringham Pl.
Marlowe Rd.
Henfield Ave.
Apley Dr.
Longstone Dr.
Balfield Terr.
Saxby Terr.
Brompton Dr.
Brompton Pl.
Brompton Ct.
Dalton Terr.
Kilburn Dr.
Kilburn Ct.
Abinger Ln.
Henfield Ave.
Henfield Terr.
Sandringham Terr.
Brick Rd.
Squire Ln.
Gainsboro Rd.
Monterey Ave.
Nathaniel Ave.
Hille Dr.

12th Ave.
11th Ave.
10th Ave.
9th Ave.
8th Ave.
7th Ave.
6th Ave.
5th Ave.
4th Ave.
3rd Ave.
2nd Ave.
1st Ave.
Wilson St.
Marion Ln.
Keller Rd.
San Pedro Dr.
San Jose Dr.
Saint Mark Dr.
Evelyn Ave.
Central Ave.
Floodgate Rd.
Bye Rd.
S. Otter Branch Dr.
N. Otter Branch Dr.
Southwood Ct.
Otter Branch Ct.
Eastwood Dr.
June Dr.
Hamilton Ct.
Glendora Ave.