Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on August 27th

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Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday August 27th between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Little Mill Rd.
York Terr.
Hickstown Rd.
Porter Ave.
Erial Clementon Rd.
Shultz Ave.
Lee Ln.
Erial Rd.
Kim Ln.
Woodshire Dr.
Winfield Rd.
Garwood Rd.
Pleasant View Dr.
Wynmere Dr.
Keith Ct.
Willow Ct.
Jaeger Ct.
Burberry Ct.
Heath Ct.
Hartley Ct.
Elana Ct.
Thackery Ct.
Thornhill Ct.
Del Sol Pl.
La Jolla Ln.
Mission Ln.
Flores Ln.
Lancaster Pl.
Cantebury Cove
Keats Ct.
Terrestria Ln.
Sonora Ct.
Abbey Ct.
Shelby Ct.
Dickenson Dr.
Brighton Ct.
Waldon Ct.
Berwyck Ct.
N. Berwyck Ct.
Harmony Circle Rd.
Blackboard Ln.
New Hope Ln.
Quilting Ln.
Quiet Rd.
Scattergood Ct.
Peaceful Ct.
Quiet Crescent
Fellowship Ct.
Friendship Ct.
New Brooklyn County Park
Erial Rd.
Pine Cone Ct.
Christmas Tree Ct.
Red Fox Trail
Davis Ave.
S. Grove St.
S. Cedarbrook Rd.

12th Ave.
11th Ave.
10th Ave.
9th Ave.
8th Ave.
7th Ave.
6th Ave.
5th Ave.
4th Ave.
3rd Ave.
2nd Ave.
1st Ave.
Wilson St.
Marion Ln.
Keller Rd.
San Pedro Dr.
San Jose Dr.
Saint Mark Dr.
Evelyn Ave.
Central Ave.
Floodgate Rd.
Bye Rd.
S. Otter Branch Dr.
N. Otter Branch Dr.
Southwood Ct.
Otter Branch Ct.
Eastwood Dr.
June Dr.
Hamilton Ct.
Glendora Ave.

Cherry Hill
Queen Ann Rd.
Country Club Dr.
Arthur Dr.
Cypress Ln.
Fireside Ln.
E. Fireside Ct.
Tearose Ln.
Larkspur Rd.
Garwood Dr.
Balsam Rd.
Heartwood Rd.
Morris Dr.
Morris Pl.
Farmhouse Ct.
Farmhouse Ln.
Peachtree Ln.
Peppermill Dr.
Harvest Rd.
Cranberry Ct.
Cherry Tree Ln.
Cherry Tree Ct.
Royal Ann Ln.
Meeting House Ln.
Cherry Tree Ln.
Spring House Rd.
Spring House Ct.
Weather Vane Dr.
Hedgerow Dr.
Garfield Ave.
Harvest Rd.
Friendship Ln.
Millstream Dr.
N. Madison Ave.

Columbia Dr.
Sunset Ave.
Pinehurst Dr.
Colgate Rd.
Briarcliff Rd.
Colgate Ct.
Josie Ln.
Virginia Dr.
Deerpond Blvd.
Rising Sun Ave.
Cornell Rd.
Harvard Rd.
Princeton Rd.
Yale Rd.
Dartmouth Dr.

Upton Way
Orchard Ave.
Fenwick Ln.
Harford Rd.
Harford Pl.
Robert Dr.
Roberts Ct.
Hampton Ln.
Hinton Pl.
Bentley Ln.
Bentley Ct.
Chatham Rd.
Eden Ln.
Wessex Ln.
Cotswold Rd.
Wyngate Rd.
Uptryn Ct.
Wyngate Pl.
High St.
Holly Ct.

Egg Harbor Rd.
Hay St.
Fleming Pike
Rovers Ave.
Spring Rd.
Central Ave.
Hall St.
Bairdmore Ave.

E. Linden Ave.
Irving St.
E. Maple Ave.
N. Lowell Ave.
S. Lowell Ave.
E. Elm Ave.

Glider Ave.
Bruce Ave.
Oakland Ave.
Main Ave.
Oxford Ave.
Minerva Ave.
Surrey Ave.
Verona Ave.

Farnham Park
Glenn Dr.
Forest Dr.
Kaighns Ave.
Baird Blvd.
Park Blvd.
Fairview St.
Morgan Blvd.
Reverend Evers Park
S. 9th St.