Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on August 26th

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Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday August 26rd between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:
Cherry Hill
Park Blvd.
Curtis Ave.
Webster Ave.
Whitman Ave.
Conwell Ave.
Wayne Ave.
Sheridan Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Grant Ave.
Edison Ave.
Wesley Ave.
Cooper Ave.
Park Dr.
Madison Ave.
Harrison Ave.
Harding Ave.
Heather Ct.
Avalon Ln.
Ventnor Ct.
White Cap Terr.
Stone Harbor Ct.
Ct. G
Cape May Ct.
Longport Ct.
Stone Harbor Ct.
Waldon Pond Rd.
Normandy Ct.
Brittany Ct.
Sorrell Tree Ct.
Thistle Ct.
Domain Ct.
Emerson Ct.
Stevenson Ct.
Hemingway Ct.
Kilmer Ct.
Reynard Ct.
Belle Arbor Dr.
Sheffield Rd.
Cambridge Rd.
Avon Rd.
Brighton Rd.
Chelton Pkwy.
Drake Rd.
Princess Rd.
Knight Rd.
Deland Ave.
Daytona Ave.
Queens Ave.
E. Tampa Ave.
E. Miami Ave.
E. Ormond Ave.
Edgemoor Rd.
Edgemoor Terr.
Orlando Rd.
Orlando Terr.
Abington Rd.
Kingston Dr.
Richard Rd.
Howard Rd.
Bruce Rd.
Bruce Terr.
Johns Rd.
Ramble Rd.
King George Rd.
West Berlin
E. Taunton Ave.
Cooper Rd.
N. Rose Ln.
Astor Ave.
Holly Dr.
S. Rose Ln.
Walnut Circle
Maple Dr.
Andes Trail
Hillside Ln.
Park Ave.
Day Ave.
Oak Ct.
Clover Ave.
Taunton Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Marion Ave.
Myrtle Ave.
Magnolia Ave.
Cushman Ave.
Division Ave.
Larch Ave.
Hazel Ave.
Fern Circle
Toomer Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Spruce Ave.
Briarwood Rd.
Briarwood Ct.
Centaurian Dr.
Centaurian Ct.
Peppermill Rd.
Acorn Rd.
S. Walnut Circle
N. Walnut Circle
Maple Dr.
Cherry Rd.
Pine Terr.
Hickstown Rd.
Little Mill Rd.
York Terr.
Erial Rd.
Winfield Rd.
Kim Ln.
Woodshire Dr.
Wynmere Dr.
Willow Ct.
Garwood Rd.
Erial Clementon Rd.
Lee Ln.
Keith Ct.
Pleasant View Dr.
Porter Ave.
Shultz Ave.
Peter Cheeseman Rd.
Sonora Ct.
Keats Ct.
Canterbury Cove
Lancaster Pl.
Mission Ln.
Jaeger Ct.
Flores Ln.
Del Sol Pl.
La Jolla Ln.
Burberry Ct.
Hartley Ct.
Heath Ct.
Elena Ct.
Thackery Ct.
Terrestria Ln.
Thornhill Ct.
Abbey Ct.
Shelby Ct.
Brighton Ct.
Dickenson Dr.
Walden Ct.
Berwick Ct.
Sicklerville Rd.
Andrews Rd.
Peoria Ln.
Peoria Ct.
Pierson Pl.
Patton Ln.
Penfield Ln.
Piedmond Ln.
Pritchard Ln.
Parkhill Ln.
Pittman Ln.
Pittman Pl.
Primrose Ln.
Price Ln.
Pershing Ln.
Pinewood Ln.
Peachton Ln.
Old Erial Rd.
Oakwood Dr.
Cold Springs Ct.
Belmont Ct.
Oak Forest Dr.
Wilton Way
Ford Ct.
Cobblestone Ct.
Filimore Way
Woodhaven Way
Fawn Ln.
Leanne Dr.
Acorn Ct.
Bairdmore Ave.
Roberts Ave.
Central Ave.
Spring Rd.
Hay St.
Hall St.
William Feather Dr.
Chatham Dr.
Barclay Ln.
Brookview Dr.
Brookview Ct.
Fox Hollow Rd.
Westbrook Ct.
Wyndham Rd.
Kings Croft Ln.
Signal Hill Dr.
Sherwood Ln.
Mercer Dr.
Avon Rd.
Princeton Rd.
Whitman Dr.
Letitia Ln.
Kent Rd.
Hutchinson Ave.
Peltoma Rd.
Warwick Rd.
Mercer Dr.
Wayne Rd.
Oakwood Rd.
Chesterfield Rd.
Copley Rd.
Copley Pl. N.
Copley Pl. S.
McClelland Ave.
Garfield Ave.
Sherman Ave.
Sheridan Ave.
Buchanan Ave.
Romana Ave.
Lucille Ave.
Chalmers Ave.
Catherine Ave.
Logan Ave.
Center Ave.
Hamton Pl.
Howard Ave.
Grant Ave.
Bryant Ave.
Ashland Ave.
Lincoln Ave.
Lapierre Ave.
Cumberland Ave.
Stephen Pl.
Monroe Ave. E.
Gloucester Ave.
E. Washington Ave.
Lafayette Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Watkins Ave.
W. Phoenix Ave.
Kings Ct.
Gloucester Ave.
Thomas Ave. S.
Thomas Ave. N.
Mouldy Rd.
W. Emlen Ave.
Moore Ave.
Elizabeth Ave.
Bryant Ave.
Hilliard T. Moore Sr. Ave.
Mount Ephraim
Hill St.
George St.
E. Buckingham Ave.
E. Kings Hwy.
Wyoming Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Elm Ave.
Walnut St.
W. Pine St.
Oak St.
Cedarcroft Ave.
Washington Terr.
Audubon Park
Eagle Rd.
Albatross Rd.
Bobolink Rd.
Goldfinch Rd.
Ibis Dr.
Jackclaw Dr.
School Ln.
Road A
Farm Ln.
Peacock Rd.
Cardinal Ct.
Dove Terr.
Kingfisher Pl.
Mockingbird Ln.
Nightingale Rd.
Oriole Dr.
Road B
Pelican Dr.
Raven Pl.
Road C
Redwing Ct.
Robin Terr.
Sandpiper Pl.
Skylark Ln.
Turtledove Ct.
Road D
Waxwing Ct.
Kennedy Dr.
Flamingo Pl.
Hummingbird Rd.
Wren Rd.
Whippoorwill Way
Tanager Ct.
Irving Ave.
Horner Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Rockland Ct.
N. Centre St.
Harvey Ave.
Penn St.
Rogers Ave.