Jobs Available During COVID-19

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The statement below is by Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr., in regard to jobs available during COVID-19

“For many of our residents, the coronavirus pandemic has represented not only a reason to fear for their health, but for their financial stability as well. Hopefully, the majority of those who have lost work due to this unprecedented crisis will be aided by the state’s existing unemployment benefits laws and the supplemental benefits that will soon be awarded as a result of the CARES Act passed by Congress.

Unfortunately, we know that this will not be enough for everyone. At this time, I’d like to direct Camden County residents to a variety of critical service jobs currently available in our state. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has created an active web portal for jobseekers where more than 500 companies have posted over 46,000 thousand jobs in health care and human services, shipping and logistics, grocery and food delivery, essential retail services, and more.

This is a unique crisis in American history, but unlike during other economic hardships, jobs are still plentiful for those who need them. Please visit for more information.”