In Remembrance of the First COVID-19 Death in Camden County

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“One year ago, we learned of the first known Camden County resident to have passed away due to COVID-19. Every day since, we have kept her in our thoughts and prayers, along with all 1,112 other county residents to have had their lives cut short by this awful pandemic.

It is difficult to express the breadth of our sadness as we reflect upon the past 12 months and the destruction that they have brought. For the families who have lost a loved one, the process of healing has likely only just begun, if it has truly begun at all. While many restrictions have been lifted in recent months, countless families were unable to honor the deceased with traditional gatherings and ceremonies, adding to the pain and feelings of isolation, and depriving their families of the closure those customs afford us.

Today, we are keeping all those we have lost in our hearts, and we are renewing our call to everyone in our community to keep up the fight against COVID-19 so that we do not lose another cherished member of the Camden County family. Wear a mask, social distance, get vaccinated and do everything you can to protect yourself and others.”