In Regards to the Eight New Gun Laws Proposed by Governor Murphy

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The statement below is by Commissioner Cappelli regarding eight new gun laws proposed by Governor Murphy.

“Governor Murphy’s proposal to enact sweeping gun control legislation in New Jersey is exactly what our country is in such desperate need of – swift, comprehensive action to combat the scourge of gun violence. I am proud to live in a state which prioritizes human life above all else and which has already enacted countless common-sense gun policies. However, if we are serious about preventing additional unnecessary loss of life, it is clear that more needs to be done – we need these proposals enacted into law.

The last several weeks have been a stark reminder of how real the threat of gun violence remains in our country. From Atlanta to Boulder, to the shooting at a FedEx facility near Indianapolis which left eight dead just last night, it is clear that the status quo is not enough to protect law-abiding Americans from those who wish to inflict harm upon them.

I fully support the governor’s proposals and hope to see members of the legislature move quickly to put these laws into effect and to protect residents across the state of New Jersey from these largely preventable crimes.”