Homeward Bound Starts New Partnership for Fostering

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(Blackwood, NJ) – The Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center has partnered with national nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society to save the lives of pets in Camden County. The organizations have created a new pet foster program, which will increase the shelter’s capacity to care for vulnerable cats and dogs.


“This new program will allow cats and dogs brought into the shelter to be fostered by local volunteers until they are able to be spayed or neutered then adopted or transported to receiving partners,” said Commissioner Jon Young, liaison to the animal shelter. “We have such an overwhelming need here at Homeward Bound and this new program will hopefully alleviate some of the demand. There are so many loving animals in search of homes, and we are encouraging anyone who can participate in this new program, adopt or donate to the shelter.” 


The partnership coincides with kitten season, which is the time of year when female cats have most of their kittens. It typically occurs from May through November when communities across the country see a surge in cat populations with thousands of kittens arriving in overwhelming numbers at local animal shelters. Kittens, especially newborns, are among the most at-risk in a shelter and require specialized and around-the-clock care to help them thrive. This new program will help to mitigate kittens from entering the shelter and get them into foster homes until they can be adopted.


“We are hoping to build a strong network of kitten fosters, especially, so that we can protect them from contracting infectious diseases in the shelter environment,” said Ken Sieranski, executive director of Homeward Bound.  “Our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society and local volunteers will allow us to save the lives of many more kittens this year.”


Fostering cats and dogs is an easy way to help the demand at the shelter and Homeward Bound will provide all supplies and training at no cost. If you can temporarily open your home and take in a pet, sign-up here or email fosterhomewardbound@bestfriends.org for more information.


“Starting and running a successful foster program with volunteer support can be a significant challenge for an animal shelter,” said Audrey Lodato, east region director for the Best Friends Animal Society. “Homeward Bound is committed to increasing their lifesaving programming, but it takes a community to save all its homeless pets. We are looking forward to working with the shelter team and local volunteers to create a thriving program for the community.”


The adoption center is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


For more information on the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, visit homewardboundnj.org