Governor Announces Lifting of Major COVID-19 Restrictions

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(Camden, NJ) –Gov. Phil Murphy this week signed an executive order lifting major COVID-19 restrictions including the indoor mask mandate and the six-foot social distancing mandate. Some of the changes go into effect this Friday, May 28 while others go into effect on Friday, June 4.

New Jersey has seen a dramatic drop in new COVID-19 infections and COVID-related hospitalizations while continuing to see a rise in the number of residents who’ve been vaccinated.

“It is truly a testament to all of the successful efforts over the past year to reduce the spread of the virus and then to get people vaccinated quickly and efficiently that we are now able to take this major step toward resuming life as we knew it before the pandemic,” said Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. “We know that our residents and especially our small business owners are eager to see this return to normalcy.”

Starting this Friday, the mask mandate for indoor public spaces is lifted, however businesses can continue to require masks for both employees and customers as they see fit. As per CDC guidance though, masks will continue to be required in health-care settings. The six-foot social distancing requirement in businesses and at events as well as the ban on ordering and eating and drinking at bars will also be lifted starting Friday.

On Friday June 4, the general indoor gathering limit of 50 persons along with the cap of 250 people at indoor funerals, weddings, performances, etc. will be lifted. The capacity limit of 30 percent for venues with more than 1,000 seats is also being lifted on June 4.