Freeholders join School Officials to Support the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act

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Camden County Freeholders joined officials from Camden County College and the Camden County Technical School District in support of the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act. Camden County officials are advocating that citizens vote on a measure which would approve a $500 million bond to be used for spending in technical districts and county colleges, among other education-related uses.

“A more robust education system would help our students, our workforce, and our entire economy,” said Camden County Freeholder Bill Moen. “This bond would provide greater access to nontraditional programs, reinforce safety measures inside and around schools, and ultimately give our students more options when planning their education and their career.”

The bond issue will be the state’s sole ballot question this November. Of the total $500 million, $350 million will be used to provide grants to county technical school districts and school security projects. Approximately $50 million would be directed to county college programs, and the remaining $100 million would be used to upgrade water infrastructure in school districts across the state.

“Any time we can improve the education that’s offered to our students, the entire county stands to benefit,” said Don Borden, President of Camden County College. “Our institution is responsible for educating and preparing more than 10,000 individuals each year who go on to become key members of our region’s workforce. Any benefit they receive will be directly felt in our community and our economy.”

As per the New Jersey state constitution, any new debt issued by the state must be approved by voters. The full public question can be read as it will appear on ballots by visiting