Freeholder Nash Attends Assembly Vote on Norman’s Law

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Freeholder Jeffrey Nash, architect of “Norman’s Law” prohibiting pet stores from selling animals from breeders operating inhumane puppy and kitten mills,  joined Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald and Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt to vote on a statewide Norman’s Law. Nash and community activists pressed the vote buttons on behalf of the two legislators.

“Many families looking to provide a loving home for a dog have no idea where the pet they purchased came from,” Nash said. “Their good intentions keep this cruel industry in business, so we want to help pet owners across the state make more informed decisions like we have done in Camden County.”

Norman’s law bans puppy and kitten mills from distributing animals through Camden County pet stores. In addition, store owners must disclose the origin of the pets they have for sale. This law has a local component that all 37 municipalities in Camden County have passed.

“When inspectors perform their routine visits of pet stores, they require the shop owners to provide information on the animals being sold to the public,” Nash said. “When they find any violations, they will report their findings to local authorities for prosecution.”