Falio Leyba-Martinez

Falio Leyba-Martinez, Camden

Falio Leyba-Martinez, resident of Camden and Board Member of the Camden City School Advisory is passionate about helping make the city a better place, especially for children. Since joining the board, he’s supported several district initiatives, including a safe zone resolution to assure immigrant parents it’s safe to send their kids to school, and that their personal information won’t be shared with ICE. In addition, the Imm Schools program helps immigrant families find grants and scholarships available for college. Apart from the school board, Falio  restarted Little League baseball in East Camden in 2019 after years without this type of outlet for the kids in the neighborhood. Today, just two years later, the league has eight teams with more than 100 kids involved, and a waiting list of three dozen. Falio is an advocate for the Latino community, and is committed to their voices being heard. He is invested in his community as a resident, small business owner and an advocate for our youth.