Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil

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Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil

The Camden County Board of Commissioners and the Addiction Awareness Task Force invite family and friends to remember the loved ones we lost and spread the message of hope to those still fighting the disease of addiction. Help raise awareness of the crisis we’re facing within our community. 

Let’s erase the stigma and advocate for change. 

Remembrance and Hope Memorial, Timber Creek Park
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – 7:30 PM



Gloucester Township Police Chief Dave Harkins 

Camden County Joint Color Guard Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Gloucester Township and Pine Hill Police Departments

Gloucester Township Police Department


Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. Liaison, Addiction Awareness Task Force



     Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli, Jr.

     Congressman Donald Norcross

     Commissioner Deputy Director Ed McDonnell  

     Prosecutor Grace MacAulay 

     Dominic Vesper, Camden County Deputy County Administrator and Addiction Awareness Task Force Co-Chair

     Joe Owens 



     John Pellicane, Director, Camden County Department of Mental Health and Addiction

     Tanya Niederman 




Commissioner Jeff Nash 
Liaison, Parks Department



About Our Speakers

Joseph Owens

Joseph Owens is a person living in recovery from substance use, from Blackwood, NJ. At 18, as a college freshman on scholarship for academics and football at a school in Washington DC, Joe began using drugs and alcohol for which he thought ignorantly was just part of the college experience. His life would change drastically for the next 12 years, he would live in active drug addiction nearly resulting in his life ending and hurting his family and friends along the way. Joseph would struggle to finish college, be found guilty of multiple DUIs, suffer from several overdoses, give away friends, family, and relationships in the process, and completely lose his identity throughout his active addiction. He sought help from various inpatient and outpatient facilities, traveled afar to faith-based programs in Michigan and in Georgia for treatment, try doctors and maintenance options for help, and in the process exhaust any option or person willing to hope.

At 29 years old, while the world adjusted to a global pandemic, Joseph was sleeping on others couches no longer welcome in his own home and would overdose behind the wheel for a second time before finding himself back in detox again. But this time would be different. In May of 2020 Joseph went to a sober house program called Life’s Journey, who offered him yet another chance. He built one good day, on top of one good day. Slowly he saw through the help of his house mates, a sponsor, a consistent and patient routine, that his life improved. At 7-months sober, Joseph would graduate from Rowan University and gift his diploma to his Mother and Father who always loved and prayed for him despite his actions. Joseph now works in treatment as an Outreach Coordinator, is a Master of Social Work Student at Temple and gives back to those in early recovery. He has a girlfriend who loves him, is the “Dogdad” to a puppy named ‘Bryce’ and is active in his family and friends’ lives. He truly has a life he never thought he’d deserve and lives each day in memory for those who are no longer with us. He tries every day to be an example of hope.

Tanya Niederman

Tanya Niederman has resided in South Jersey with her family for over twenty years. She holds many personal and professional roles, but is most proud of mothering her three beautiful children. She lost her oldest child, and only son – JJ Niederman, on February 12, 2021. Since then, she has been actively involved in Camden County’s Fentanyl Awareness Program by sharing her family’s story of loss with others in the hope of saving lives. She’s led the operations side of one of the top real estate teams in the area for the last five years and her commitment to her team and clients is unmatched. Tanya is a powerful force, a true source of optimism to those who know her, and she exhibits bravery and strength in the face of a parent’s greatest trauma – the sudden loss of her son. She is continually inspired by and loves spending time with her daughters, Grace and Carter. She loves watching them train and perform with their Elite All-Star Cheerleading team and also enjoys days at the beach and helping others. You can frequently find Tanya spreading random acts of kindness in JJ’s memory. 


Remembering Those We Lost

James Abdalla
Robert Abdalla
Christopher Achenbach
William Robert Akers
Christian Alessi
Donovan Miles Allieri
Jessica elizabeth almasy
Holly Ann Amanto
Harry S Amwake V
Joevon Aponte
Kenneth John Arnold, Jr.
Lexy Austin
Jacqueline M Bakey
Nikki Lynn Bakley
Samantha Baldermann
Vincent F Barber Jr
Jordan Anthony Barney
John Joseph Battee Jr.
Vincent Joseph Battipaglia
Scott Beach Jr.
Ryan Brosnan Beard
Michele Marie Berghof
Matthew Bicking
Dana M Bingham
Hector L. Bonilla
Christopher Boyle
Leon J. Boyte IV
John Charles Brecker
Joshua William Brecker
James Michael Brown
Ryan Brumbaugh
Anthony Jon Buchanan
Matthew William Buonadonna
Elizabeth Burgess
Adam M. Bush
Michael J. Cafone IV
Toni Andrea Canale
Robert Kevin Cannon jr.
Zach Capner
Nicholas Joseph Capocci
Beckee Carannante
Christopher Carire
Lisa Collen Carpo-Ford
Amanda Marie Carter
Vincent Michael Chiro
Sean Christy
Christopher A Cisco
Michael Matthew Clancy
Bruce Clark
Joshua Derek Clarke
Billy Colbert
Edward J. Coleman IV
Melvin Devon Colon
Keith M. Como
Ashleigh Connelly
Joshua David Cooper
Dominique J. Costantino
Andrew James Cowley
Macauly Sean Crane
Jovan K. Austin Cruz
Zachary D’Abreu
John Dafeldecker
Eric (Ricky) Damiani
Michael O’Neil Dancy
Gregory Dawson
Carlie Taylor DeNora
Gina Marie DePack
Marc James DiGiovannantonio
Patrick M. Dillon
Samantha Alyssa Dimitri
Chuck DiTullio
Liza M Dorfman
Bryan S. Dougherty
Dereck J. Dougherty
Angelique G Duca
Joseph S Duczkowski 111
Ashley M Dunphy
Donald R Eaise III
Frank L. Eastwick
Eric Elbert
Gary Allen Ellis
Michelle Emmett
Michaline Karen Ensign
Thomas L. Evans
Steven A Feby
Kelly Lynn Feldman
Marc Carmen Feola Jr
Ricky Ferrer
Charles Adam Fiechtner, Junior
Andrew Michael Fillius
Shaun Fischer
Michael C. Foyle
Nicholas Michael Freundlich
Saul David Friedman
Mark Gahm
Emery Galiazzi
Damian G Gallagher
Jason David Gallus
Gary Albert Garcia
Michael David Garofalo
Mark Gavin
James F. Gayeski Jr.
Paul Michael Geier
Andrew M. Genovese

Michael Giancola
Ryan Gibbs
Richard Dan Gilbrook
Jake Gogstad III
Carlton Govan
Albert Anthony Gramenzi Jr.
Brian Steven Gregal
Samuel Nicolas Guaglione
William H. Guenette jr
Robert Edward Haas
Donald Joseph Hahn 111
Joshua Hale
Elizabeth Elinore Hand
Michael Keith Hanson
Anthony Harris
Michael C Hayes
Brian Michael Henszey
Christian E. Heuser
Daylen Danielle Hinch
Eric Hinds
Zachary Hoffman
Joshua James Hogan
Mark J Holdcraft
Kuvita Hooja
Jackson T. Horowitz
Ava Michelle Howland
Eric Jon Hubbs
Maxwell S. Huffnagle
Danielle Marie Inglehearn
Alexander West Irwin
Frankie Janits
Nick Jeannette
John Michael Jeckot
Melissa A. Johnson
George J. Johnson Jr.
Ian Harrison Jones
Ryan Patrick Jones
Michael Kazmorck
Christine Kelly
Stacy Lynn Keresty
Sean Joseph Kernan
Robert Matthew Kirwin
Tricia Marie Kitchin
Michael Kleinschmidt
Andrew Warren Knorr
Ashley Mae Koodray
Jeff Kulka
Stephen Paul Kunkle
Naoki Kurimoto
Brandon Leonce Lagarde
Ken Lamb
Brittany Marie Lange
Linda Marie Laphan
Shane Daniel LaRocca
Kylie Marie Laura
Lee Lavinson
Nicole LeFevre
Joshua Paul Little
Gina Ann Long
Anthony James Lucidonio
Ralph J Lusi (Leonetti)
Brent Roy James Lutz
James “Jay” W. Lutz Jr.
Johnathan Russell Lynch
Dennis Maddolo
Rich Mahoney
Daniel Alexis Maldonado
Kelly Ann Manieri
Sean D Manning
Salvatore Marchese
Justine Marie
Maria L. Marino
Nicholas J. Marro III
Shain Massi
Ian Michael McCann
Nicholas McCloskey
Jay Charles Mcilvaine
Heather S. McKinney
T.J. McKissick
John Francis McLaughlin
Earl James Mead
Joshua Matthew Meehan
Michael C. Metz
Daniel Milillo
Todd Cameron Mitchell
Frank Paul Moffa
Heather Lynn Morrow
Raymond Sebastian Muhlbaier
James Robert Muir
Nicholas Munro
Cody James Murphy
Michael Murray
Michael Christopher Musser
Kelly Ann Myers
Dylan Cooie Nagle
Michael Neal
Ian Nicholas-Gunnar Nelson
Justin Julius “JJ” Niederman
Perry Nisivoccia
Joshua James Nissenzone
Joshua David Ott

Ginger Marie Overstreet
Nicholas Palladino
Vincent Kyle Palmer
Megan Marie Pancrazio
Anthony Panforf
Michelle Pandorf
Coleen Paravicini
Joseph Park
Shane Michael Parker
Bret Patelski
Daniel L Patten Sr
Zachary Payne
George Thomas Peeke
Darren Dino Pelosi
Gregory Perrault
Anthony D. Petty
Justin Dean Phillips
Francesca Piligno
John Pilla
Laura Spiece Pond
Joseph Michael Powell III
Steven Pryda
Taylor R. Pew
Timothy Ryan Ranger
Patrick Joseph Rathgeb
Gary P Reichert Jr
Nicholas Repetto
Zachary James Reynolds
Colin William Riebel
Nikki Marie Rink
Brianna Patricia Ritz
Luis H. Robaina
Gina Rockmore
Petey Rodriguez
Robert Rolf Jr
Roxanne Rosell
Vincent M. Russo
Samuel A Russo
Timothy Ryan Rutecki
John J. Rutter IV
Matthew J Ryan
Louis M. Sacchetti
Joey Sardella
Marissa Cierra Saunders
Lee J. Savarese
Lee Savarese
Michael Schaffer
Anya Jacqueline Schenk
Ethan Eric Schenk
Anna M. Schmidt
William John Schmidt
Daniel L Schreffler
Tommy Segrest Jr.
King W Shaffer
Susan Shaw
George Robert Sheeron III
Matthew Stephen Sikes
Daniel R. Silverman
John Robert Sims Jr.
Ryan Thomas Sloss
Kimberly Rose Slotnick
Richard Lloyd Speer
Ashley Arianna Staffieri
Jordan Scott Steel
Jason Surks
Matthew T Sweda
Ashley Joy Sweeten
Timothy Ryan Tanger
Fred Taylor
Robert M Thompson
Michael Thurston
Mark Tomczak
Joseph Tomlinson
Michael Joseph Tracey
Michael Joseph Tracy
Joseph Tucker
Donna Marie Tyburski
Laura Marie Tyburski
William Paul Tyburski Jr.
Steven Unruh
Christopher George Uron
A.J. Vacca
Thomas Charles Van De Walle
Dennis Vesper
Micheal Wakeley
Thomas Eugene Wallace Jr.
Ashley D. Walter
Christian Burton Weaver
Jennifer Weaver
Jerry Weldon
Richard Weldon, Jr
Daniel Ryan Weymer
Jonathan Andrew Williams
Nichol Charlene Williams
Colin E Windebank
Robert Wintersteen
Justin Matthew Wolfe
Joey Wood
Randy M Wunschel
Brittany Michele Yeager
Carol Ann Youngkin
Michael J. Zosche
Angel Torres


International Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness day is August 31, 2022. It is a day where individuals, families, colleagues, and neighbor’s worldwide come together to remember those lost to addiction by overdose. 

On August 31st, all of us in Camden County’s Addiction Awareness Task Force will take the time to remember these losses.  The Ben Franklin Bridge, Florio Center and City Hall in Camden will be colored in purple.   The Remembrance And Hope Memorial Vigil will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 7:30 PM at Timber Creek Park, 236 Taylor Avenue & Chews Landing Road, Blackwood, NJ

Please consider wearing something purple on August 31st.   Take pictures of your unit and share photos with us at #OverdoseAwarenessDayCC. Let us respect the power of the disease!  You can also forward them to

Let us have a good show of support here at the Department of Health & Human Services.  If you encounter anyone who is seeking help in Camden County, please contact 877-266-8222 or the Office of Mental Health & Addiction at (856) 374-6320. 

  • Timber Creek Park
    236 Taylor Ave & Chews Landing Road,, Blackwood, NJ, 08012, United States
  • Wednesday, Aug 31st, 2022 @ 7:30 pm
  • Add to Calendar 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 America/New_York Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil

    The Camden County Board of Commissioners and the Addiction Awareness Task Force invite family and friends to remember the loved ones we lost and spread the message of hope to those still fighting the disease of addiction. Help raise awareness of the crisis we’re facing within our community.  Let’s erase the stigma and advocate for change.  Remembrance and Hope Memorial, Timber Creek Park Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – 7:30 PM   Program: INVOCATION Gloucester Township Police Chief Dave Harkins  PRESENTATION…

    236 Taylor Ave & Chews Landing Road,, Blackwood, NJ, 08012, United States public