EMR Redefining Manufacturing and Transforming Camden

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(Camden, NJ) – EMR Eastern LLC has embarked on a new business that is transforming manufacturing in the port area of the City of Camden. This operation starts with purchasing used vehicles from auction then recycling almost all of the parts for after-market applications at places like NAPA Auto Parts, AutoZone and Pep Boys among others. The assembly line is now an Amazon-like corporation for car parts, which is processing more than 3,000 cars a month for parts and will move to 8,000 vehicles once all four assembly lines are constructed and staffed.

“The real employment opportunities and work being done inside this shop are changing the dynamics for manufacturing in the city,” said Freeholder Bill Moen. “EMR is delivering an innovative vehicle recycling operation and access to good paying jobs to residents. It’s clear that after decades of disinvestment and disenfranchisement by previous companies in the city, EMR is now investing more than $250 million to continue to call Camden home and make a positive impact on the city.”

Nevertheless, the biggest thing EMR Eastern is bringing to the city is employment opportunities for hundreds of Camden residents. These are jobs that pay well and come with full benefits and retirement funds. The current operational line runs from 7 a.m. to midnight every day and will only grow as more plant expansion and hiring is finalized.

EMR is a global leader in metal recycling and privately owned with a heritage dating back to the 1940s. They employ almost 3,500 people operating at 150 locations around the world. EMR’s core business is the recycling of metal from a range of sources such as motor vehicles, consumer products, industry, construction and demolition. This results in sales of recycled commodities of around 10-million-tons a year.

“EMR is certainly going above and beyond by making sure our Camden residents play an active role in their company’s growth,” said Camden Mayor Frank Moran.  “I applaud Joe Balzano Jr. and the leadership at EMR for being in alignment with Camden’s inclusive development goals.  Keep in mind, these are not simply jobs but opportunities for a career.  We’re talking about well-paying positions and benefits with the ability to advance. This is another great example that incentives offered through the NJ EDA are helping to attract commerce and strengthen local economies throughout New Jersey.”

Congressman Donald Norcross also spoke about how EMR’s expansion is a sample of the lager economic and job growth taking place in the city.

“With more jobs, less crime and positive educational results, it’s clear Camden is rising – and EMR’s expansion and continued commitment to our city plays a key role in that revitalization,” said Congressman Norcross. “I’ve always said the best social program in the world is a good-paying job and the dignity that comes with it. By integrating into the community, redefining manufacturing and providing new jobs for our neighbors, EMR is improving our South Jersey economy.  As always, I look forward to continuing to work with business leaders and our partners at every level of government as we make Camden an even better place to call home.”

EMR is not only selling these various vehicle parts through My Auto Store, but embarking on a massive recycling operation that would otherwise see many of these cars go directly into an industrial shredder and disposed of in a landfill.  

Kris Kolluri, CEO of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, talked about the impact the company is having on both local economics and the community.  

“EMR’s focus on innovating and transforming the supply chain makes the company a global leader in the after-market auto parts sector,” Kolluri said. “The company’s singular focus on helping Camden residents by giving them employment opportunities makes EMR a significant contributor to the city’s potential growth and sustainability outlook.”