Dominican Independence Day Virtual Flag Raising

Movimiento Tricolor Inc., The City of Camden and Camden County will proudly present a virtual flag raising event on Saturday, February 27th to celebrate Independence Day for the Dominican Republic. Listen to messages from Camden County Commissioner Rodriguez, Camden City Councilperson Felisha Reyes-Morton and other city leaders share a positive vision for the community. 


The Dominican community contributes greatly to the social and economic dynamics in the City of Camden. We are business owners, artists, essential workers, scholars, mothers, and fathers. It is through these roles in the community where we develop a cohesive sense of resilience, unity, and courage. Our ability to infuse our culture wherever we go is what allows us to build a tight-knit community among each other and allows others to be part of our community as they experience our culture with us. Due to this, the Dominican Independence Flag Raising event serves to honor the contributions the Dominican community has made to the community but to also promote cultural unity among community members who share our culture with us.

La comunidad Dominicana contribuye enormemente a la dinámica social y económica de la ciudad de Camden. Somos dueños de negocios, artistas, trabajadores esenciales, académicos, madres y padres. Es a través de estos roles en la comunidad donde desarrollamos un sentido cohesivo de resiliencia, unidad y coraje. Nuestra capacidad para infundir nuestra cultura dondequiera que vayamos es lo que nos permite construir una comunidad unida entre nosotros y permite que otros sean parte de nuestra comunidad mientras experimentan nuestra cultura con nosotros. Debido a esto , el evento de Izada de la Bandera de la Independencia Dominicana sirve para honrar las contribuciones que la comunidad dominicana ha hecho a la comunidad, pero también para promover la unidad cultural entre los miembros de la comunidad que comparten nuestra cultura con nosotros.


Virtual Program | Programa virtual

Opening Remarks
Felicia Reyes Morton, Councilwoman, City of Camden

Ashly Estevez Perez
Founder of Movimiento Tricolor Inc. 

Clayton Gonzalez
Camden City School District Advisory Board Member

Falio Leyba Martinez
Camden City School District Advisory Board Member

Dominican Republic Flag Raising
Wiggins Waterfront Park, Camden

Closing Remarks
Camden County Commissioner Carmen G. Rodriguez


Virtual Event | Evento virtual


Proudly Dominican | Orgullosamente Dominicanos

“Im Dominican and I’m proud because of our island, beautiful people, and flag.”
Maylon, Luis Records


“I’m proud to be Dominican and to be part of a county with such a special and unique culture. I love the music, food and that every family reunion is like a party. It is a pleasure to represent such a beautiful island in everything I do.”
Lesly Alvarez, Lesly Artistry, Makeup Artist


“Feeling the music in your bones, from the sounds of tambora all the way to the guirra. Tasting all of the spices in the sancocho, from the yuca all the way to el caldo. Saying hello to people from the bodegueros to your neighbors. Being Dominican means that you come from a rich social culture, music that makes you want to dance, and people that will make you want to talk and laugh. Being proud to be Dominican is an understatement, and I am beyond proud.”
Dariana Medina, Medina Food Market


“I am proud to be Dominican because no matter the situation, we always find a way to have fun and joke around. We also have the best sazon”
Galilea, Rutgers University – Camden Student


“I am proud to be Dominican because of the identity that we have and how proud we feel to represent our country.”
Philly Trujillo (Local Music Artist)