County Receives $1 million for Pedestrian Bridge Over Cooper River

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(Cherry Hill, NJ) – On April 27, the state Department of Transportation (NJDOT), in partnership with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), announced a $1 million award to the county for the construction of a pedestrian/bike bridge over Cooper River in Camden City. The bridge will connect two major portions of the planned Camden County LINK Trail.

The new route will serve to divert bicyclists and pedestrians from traveling directly alongside the congested Admiral Wilson Boulevard and provide easy access to the River Birch Connector Trail.


“This is a critical piece of infrastructure which will connect two portions of the Camden County LINK Trail, a 33-mile multi-use trail that we expect to bring economic and public health benefits to towns throughout the county,” said County Commissioner Jeff Nash. “Currently, the only way to get across Cooper River in this location is to walk or bike down a narrow sidewalk with cars and trucks traveling just a few feet away. The bridge will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to get off of this busy roadway and safely traverse in and out of Camden City.”


The award is part of the Transportation Alternative Set-Asides program, a competitive grant program which provides funds to build pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to transportation, create safe routes to schools, preserve historic transportation structures, provide environmental mitigation, and create trail projects that serve a transportation purpose while promoting safety and mobility. The program is administered by NJDOT in partnership with DVRPC, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, and the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization.


The project is expected to begin in Spring 2022.


The Camden County LNIK Trail, traveling through 17 Camden County municipalities from the Ben Franklin Bridge to Winslow Township, was formerly known as the Cross Camden County Trail. At its completion, the trail will travel through urban, suburban, and rural communities in 17 different Camden County municipalities. The 12-foot wide multi-use path will drive tourism and economic activity along the route, while also generating incredible benefits to both public and environmental health in our region.


More information related to the Trail, including drone videos for segments covering the entire length of The LINK Trail, is available at


For more information regarding the grant and TA Set-Asides program, visit here.