Commissioners Urging Residents to Conserve Water as Statewide Drought Continues

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(Camden, NJ) – After the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) declared a statewide drought watch on Aug. 9, the Camden County Board of Commissioners and the Office of Sustainability are urging residents to conserve water.


“As these dry conditions continue throughout the state and here in Camden County, we’re strongly encouraging our residents and businesses to conserve water when they can,” said Commissioner Jon Young, liaison to the Office of Sustainability. “The state’s water supply is already under stress due to the lack of rainfall and conserving water can help us avoid more serious and restrictive drought conditions.”


New Jersey has a three-stage drought advisory system where a drought watch is the first level. Under a drought watch, conservation is encouraged but if conditions don’t improve, the state could enact mandatory conservations efforts.


“All the signs are there that the water table has dropped significantly over the last two months combined with the successive heat waves our region has experienced this summer,” Young continued. “These tips are good proactive steps to conserve water and if followed will insulate us against severe drought conditions.”  


NJ DEP has recommended taking the following steps to conserve water:


The most up-to-date information about the status of New Jersey’s water supplies can be found at 


For more water conservation tips, go to: