Camden County to Light Public Buildings Blue for Healthcare Workers

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(Camden, NJ) – Tonight, City Hall in Camden and the James J. Florio Center for Public Service will glow blue to celebrate healthcare workers serving on the front lines of our fight against coronavirus (COVID-19).

“While the rest of us are staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus, these selfless men and women are putting their lives in danger each and every day in service of others,” said Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. “In a traditional war, soldiers serve on the front lines against America’s adversaries. In the war against this virus, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers have taken their place on the battlefield, treating the sick and risking their own health in pursuit of a better future for the rest of us. They are American heroes of historic proportions, and they will be forever be remembered for their bravery and patriotism. This gesture of celebration is just one way that our community will look to thank them for their service in the many years to come.”