Camden County to Light Buildings for Women’s Suffrage

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(Camden, NJ) – In August, the United States celebrated the centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. To commemorate the women’s suffrage movement and to encourage civic participation through voting, Camden County will join the New Jersey Historical Society and countless public and private enterprises by lighting its buildings in purple, yellow, and white from Friday, Oct. 30, to election day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“For decades, American women fought against oppression so that future generations could enjoy the basic freedoms of democracy,” said Freeholders Barbara Holcomb, Carmen Rodriguez, and Melinda Kane in a joint statement. “There is no more fitting way to pay tribute to the women who fought so that our voices would count than to make a plan and cast your ballot this November. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us and light up your spaces in the colors of the women’s suffrage movement.”

Beginning Friday, Oct. 30, City Hall in Camden and the James J. Florio Center for Public Service will glow with the lights of the suffrage movement.

For more information regarding the upcoming election, how to participate, and what is different for this year’s election amidst a pandemic, please visit