Camden County Police Department Host 10th Anniversary Carnival 

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Camden County Police Department’s formation, and to keep with the Unity Policing model, the department and the Camden County Board of Commissioners hosted a free carnival Sunday afternoon , May 14th, that was open to all Camden City residents. Officers were on hand to enjoy all of the festivities with kids and adults alike, including rides, games, music, ice cream and more. 
“We have accomplished so much for our community over the last 10 years, and this is an opportunity for our residents to just come together and have some fun,” Chief Gabriel Rodriguez said. “Bonding with our residents is at the core of what we do here at CCPD and we can’t wait to have a great time this Sunday.”
Since the first days of the department’s operation, overall crime and violent crime have both been reduced to 50-year lows. At the end of last year, violent crime had been reduced by 44% and homicides had come down approximately 60% from the previous 10 years. Additionally, the city has seen a 62% decrease in shootings since 2012, the last full year of operation for the Camden City Police Department.

Measuring the transition from the previous 10 years against the UCR data from 2012, the Camden County Police Department has cut in half the average number of crime victims throughout the city’s 21 neighborhoods. Going back to 1974, when the city recorded almost 11,000 crime victims in 2022, that number was just over 3,000. Additionally, based on the 67 homicides that took place in 2012, there have been 360 fewer homicides over the last 10 years.