Camden County Board of Freeholders Wish Residents Happy Passover

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“On behalf of the Freeholder Board, we want to wish a happy Passover to the Jewish community in Camden County. This holiday is traditionally marked by familial celebrations and large gatherings, but amidst the coronavirus, we are asking that families please celebrate only with those in their home and resist the temptation to pretend that this is just another Passover in a year like any other.

The truth is that if we are to see our families or congregations together again next year than we must keep ourselves separate this year. We can still reflect on the meaning of our traditions and of the holiday while separate, and we can still join our family and friends virtually without putting ourselves or them in harm’s way. While this year’s celebration may be different, that does not strip the holiday of its significance, nor does it mean that we cannot observe it at all.

We will get through this crisis as we have each crisis that’s come before. May your families be safe, healthy, and have a happy Passover in 2020.”