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Office of the Sheriff
Camden County, New Jersey
Missing Persons Unit


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The Sheriff's Missing Persons Unit is responsible for assisting local police agencies in coordinating and investigating cases involving missing persons, runaway children and unidentified living or deceased individuals who are considered John or Jane Does. Please contact Inv. Thomas Brett of the Missing Persons Unit at (856) 225-5470 or (856) 225-7661 (after 5:00 PM), or email us webmaster

NOTE: The Camden County Sheriff's Office does not have the authority nor the resources to find uprooted friends or relatives who have lost contact with each other. Concerned individuals who are interested in such matters are requested to employ other public and private resources.

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Gloria Damon
Camden City

Jessica Paolini
Pennsauken, NJ

James W. Hires
Cherry Hill, NJ


 Aviram Levy
Cherry Hill, NJ

Marianne DeMartin
Evesham Twp., NJ
Nicholas Zizzamia
Cherry Hill, NJ


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Robert Dornbach
Gloucester City, NJ
Theodore F. Kampf
Oaklyn, NJ


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Patricia McEady
Camden, NJ

Marisal Vasquez
Camden City, NJ

George Velez
Camden City, NJ
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Christian Maldonado
Camden City
Charles Strohm
Gloucester City, NJ
Elba Irizarry
Camden City, NJ

Danielle Imbo             -         Richard Petrone
Mt Laurel, NJ            -         Philadelphia, PA

New Jersey's AMBER Alert Plan
NJ's AMBER Alert Plan - help for locating abducted children

Unidentified Living

Unidentified Body


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Click here for more information on these unidentified victims.

The Nation's authority and most vital resource for families and law enforcement in the search for missing children is the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. (800) THE-LOST.

This Banner will run continuously, displaying Missing Children Alert Cases.   Clicking on the photograph will bring up the Alert Page with more information, and the ability to print posters.

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Action Taken Preparation:
5 steps to be prepared

Child Safety on the Information Highway

Kids' Rules for Online Safety               What Are the Risks?
Guidelines for Parents                               Privacy Issues

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If you have a tip call the NJ State Police Missing Persons Unit
(609) 882-2000, extension 2894


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teresa3.gif (3336 bytes)The   Center For Missing & Exploited Women
The Doe Network

Homepage Missing Persons Unidentified Bodies MEGAN'S VIOLATORS NCMEC

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