Camden County Health Connection

(Camden County Health Connection Request Form)


Health and social service assistance programs are abundant within Camden County; however, focus groups of service providers and county residents show that these services are often inaccessible for residents in the southern portion of the county and specific areas of Camden City. A new program, the Camden County Health Connection, will promote community wellness on site at county workplaces, health fairs, senior centers, public housing complexes, homeless shelters, nutrition sites, shopping centers and community organizations.The Camden County Health Connection is a mobile unit, which will enable our Health and Human Services Department to extend the reach and availability of our health screening and disease risk assessment services provided at our health centers. The van will house an experienced staff of registered nurses, health educators, and dieticians to provide a wide range of health-education and lifestyle-management programs that empower children and adults to take steps toward better health by exercising more and making healthy food choices. The mobile unit will enable the department to increase access to health promotion, disease prevention and early detection programs for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke in Camden City and southern Camden County. These services will include the following:

  • Health screenings and risk assessment programs
  • Seasonal Flu and H1N1 Virus Presentations and Updates
  • Health Education*, Nutrition, Obesity Prevention and Physical Activity, Tobacco Control Workshops
  • Health Promotion: BMI (body mass index) calculator, charts with foods choices, options for exercise, and links to local parks, walking and biking paths and health and fitness websites
  • Chronic Disease Management Training program
  • Referrals for community health care services
  • Support and counseling for healthy lifestyles
  • Follow-up health care services

*Health Education Workshop Modules Include:

  • Standing Tall Against Falls
  • Keeping Up the Beat:  Heart Health
  • Bone Up Your Health : Osteoporosis
  • Keeping Your Mind Sharp
  • Be Wise About Your Medications
  • Serving Up Good Nutrition
  • Move to Get F.I.T.

Peer led support groups, tobacco treatment and counseling, health seminars and skills-building workshops will also be conducted.

These services will not replace regular visits to a primary care physician, but rather emphasize the importance of annual check-ups and help arrange care for people who need them. The overall goal of the Camden County Health Connection is to link this region to needed health services such as health insurance, health care, social services and community health resources. The mobile unit will be equipped with internet-enabled computers so Camden County residents will be able to take advantage of online health education programs and resources. The Camden County Health Connection will serve as a health education resource center composed of videos, books, brochures and web-based action oriented tools to assist residents of all ages in the importance of preventive care. The department will work closely with its local public health system partners to ensure this effort is effective and residents are connected to the programs available within our county.