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Living clean and green

Fee Based Programs

Living Clean & Green!’ is a series of programs and workshops designed to inform the public and improve the local environment. Programs vary in length and can be presented to your organization, club or gathering. Programs marked with the are available for presentation to school classes at no cost.

Currently there are 10 program topics. Each program outlines environmental issues facing our community; how we impact these issues and what we can do to lighten the load we place on the environment. Informational materials and give-away items like free trees are also available. Living Clean & Green!

Please see a list of the program topics and a short description of each below. For more information or to schedule a program for your group, call Maggi Liebe at 856-858-3614.

Let's Take a Walk - Greenways Connecting Our Community

Using maps of the current County Greenway system we'll take you on a virtual tour and then an actual walk to experience our extensive greenway system. We'll demonstrate pedometer use and introduce you to the idea of a walking log (not related to a tree).

Wetlands - Why They Are Important

Ponds, marshes, swamps, bogs and fens all are considered to be wetlands. This program will help you understand the differences. Learn about how urban runoff affects wetlands and what lives in a healthy wetland. We'll also talk history and current issues and even take a metaphorical quiz.

Recycling/Trash to Treasure Workshop

Recycling makes a difference! Get up to date information on area recycling efforts and turn that trash into treasure with this hands-on program. Make useful household items and crafts out of things you would usually throw away. Also, learn why we need to reduce the amount of solid waste we produce.

Trees - Creating the Air We Breathe

Trees, the lungs of our community, provide oxygen and clean the pollutants from the air at the same time. Shade, fruits, nuts, habitat, wind protection, the benefits are incredibly important. You can make a difference by planting more trees.

What Makes a Healthy Creek?

The critters that live in your neighborhood creek have a story to tell. This program gives you some simple tools for assessing your creek. Learn about soil erosion and storm drains, look at the creatures that live in creeks and check some physical characteristics of the creek itself. You'll also learn some things that you can do to improve local water quality.

The Bird Friendly Yard

Backyard bird watching is the number one hobby in America. This program provides practical tips on how to improve your backyard bird habitat and attract a wider variety of birds. You'll also get some tips on what to do about squirrels that think they are birds.

Composting & Organic Gardening - The Basics

A recent study published in the journal of Science found that composting and organic gardening makes good sense. Organic gardening costs less, yields the same and does not fill our soils and waterways with excess fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  There are many benefits to reducing our lawn area and increasing your gardening area and this program will help you decide if organic gardening is right for you. .

Know Your Watershed

What are watersheds? This program details what a watershed is and where you are located in it. Topics include maps of each major creek and the watershed surrounding it, how we impact the watershed and the resources available to reduce our impact. We'll also talk about the Adopt-a-Stream and Adopt-a-Watershed programs.

Gathering Seeds

Starting your own natural landscape doesn't have to be costly. You will learn seed gathering methods and some propagating techniques that will have your thumb turning green before the end of the program.

Tips for Living Clean & Green

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