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Frequently Asked Questions About Parks & Facilities


Q.        How many Parks are there in the Camden County Park System?
A.        Twenty one running from Camden City to Winslow Township. They are: Atco Lake, Berlin Park, Challenge Grove Park, Cooper River Park, Haddon Lake Park, Hopkins Pond, Kirkwood Lake, Lake Worth, Laurel Ravine, Maria Greenwald Park, New Brooklyn Park, New Camden Park, Newton Lake Park, Pennypacker Park, Pillings Lake, Pyne Poynt Park, Silver Lake Park, Timber Creek Park, Wallworth Park, Wiggins Waterfront Park and Von Nieda Park.
Q.        What is the acreage?
A.        2,621.630 (This includes additional unnamed parcels of open space not counted as parks and preserved farmland.)
Q.        What does the Camden County Boathouse offer?
A.        The Camden County Boathouse located at 7050 North Park Drive in Pennsauken offers rack rentals, memberships, camps and clinics. It also features banquet facilities and meeting rooms. For more information you can visit camdencountyboathouse.com or call (856) 661-3188.
Q.        Are there bathrooms in the parks?
A.        Accessible indoor restrooms are located in Challenge Grove Park from spring thru fall; adjacent to the Jack Curtis Stadium in Cooper River Park year round and in Timber Creek Park year round. Port-A-Johns are located at all ball fields and at all picnic areas during the spring and summer.
Q.        Where is there parking in Wiggins Park?
A.        The Camden City Parking Garage is located directly across from the Aquarium. Camden County has no jurisdiction over the garage.  The Marina Lot is reserved for marina patrons and for staff and volunteers during special events.
Q.        What golf facilities do you offer?
A.        The Camden County Golf Academy located at 8001 Route 130 (South) in Pennsauken offers an aquatic, lighted, 60 station double-decker driving range with real grass tees, and a top quality short game area with a putting green and sand trap. For more information call (856) 661-3636.
Parkway Golf, located off of Cuthbert Boulevard at North Park Drive in Cherry Hill, features 2 refurbished 9 hole courses and a chip and putt course.  The hours are 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Call (856) 665-0505 for information. 



Q.        May I get married or just have pictures taken in a county park?
A.        Yes – Call (856) 216-2136 to discuss locations and to obtain a permit.
Q.        Where are the best areas for horseback riding?
A.        The best parks are: Berlin and New Brooklyn Parks.
Q.        Is sledding permitted in the parks?
A.        No - Most hills lead down to water, which makes the activity unsafe.
Q.        Is swimming allowed in any county waters or are there county swimming pools?
A.        No
Q.        Is there ice skating in the parks?
A.        No.  Ice skating on any body of water within the Camden County Park System is prohibited. It is unsafe!
Q.        Where may I run my dog (leash free) in the parks?
A.        There is a Pooch Park located in Cooper River Park, on North Park Drive in Cherry Hill behind The Habitat. The Pooch Park features separate chain link fence enclosed runs for dogs over 30 lbs. and under 30 lbs. as well as a water fountain with a pet bowl, lights, benches, parking, one double gated entry area and rules for safe use of the park. A second dog park in Timber Creek Park in Gloucester Township off of Chews Landing Road features a 9 acre fenced heavily wooded leash free dog area, a water fountain with pet bowl, 3 double gated entry areas, parking and rules for safe use of the park.
Q.        May I walk dogs in the park?
A.        Yes, with a leash, maximum length 6’ and you must, by ordinance, clean up after your animal.
Q.       Where is boating permitted?
A.        Cooper River Park – for launch of small craft, i.e., sailboats from South Park Drive in Cooper River Park in Collingswood
Newton Lake Park – small car-top launch
New Brooklyn Park – canoe launch – no vehicular access
There are no ramps into the Delaware-not even at Wiggins Park Marina
Non-motorized boats are permitted throughout the park system, with proper life saving equipment. 
Motorboat regulations are as follow:
Camden County allows for the limited use of motorboats on all Camden County waterways when necessary for safety, and search and rescue operations.
Motorboats are permitted in Newton Lake Park between the White Horse Pike and Lees Lane Bridge. No motor boats over 14’, with a beam over 4 1/2’ or over 10 hp. are permitted, except for the limited use of motorboats with 9.9 horsepower 4 cycle engines during scheduled regattas or during any rowing training exercises.  
No motor boating between 1/2 hr. after sunset and 7:00 a.m. is permitted except for limited use during scheduled regattas or during any rowing training exercises. 
Q.        Do I need a boat permit?
A.        No, but life jackets are required for all occupants.
Q.        Where may I go sailing and do you give lessons?
A.        Sailing is permitted on all waterways. The Cooper River Yacht Club offers lessons and membership opportunities. For more information you can visit www.cooperriveryc.org or call (856) 869-9145.
Q.        Where do I get a fishing license?
A.        The Camden County Clerk's office is no longer an issuing agent for the New Jersey Department of Fish, Game and Wildlife. Licenses can be purchased at Sporting Goods Stores, K-Mart, Wal-Mart and the NJ Division of Fish and Game. Go to http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/agentlst.htm
Q.        What lakes are stocked?
A.        Haddon Lake – 2010 - the waters were stocked with 470 trout in April.  People are allowed to fish in Haddon Lake but must follow statewide harvesting size limits and creel limits.
Hopkins Pond – Has not been stocked for several years due to dissolved oxygen temperature.
Newton Lake – Not stocked but classified in “Places to Fish” Category 1 – Very good – catfish, carp, large mouth bass. Category 3 – Fair – sunfish, yellow perch channel catfish. Not good for – walleye, northern pike, muskie and striped bass hybrid.  PECO and the Army Corp of Engineers may have put some river herring at Newton Lake.
Cooper River Lake – Not stocked but good for channel catfish, large mouth bass, sunfish, white perch and black crappie.  Was last stocked with muskie in 2006.
For more information you can visit www.njfishandwildlife.com or call Chris Smith State of NJ Fish and Wildlife at (856) 629-4950. 
Stocking Hotline- Trout (609) 633-6765   
Fish Ladders are located at Cooper River at Kaighns Avenue, Evans Pond, Wallworth Lake and Newton Lake.
Q.        Is overnight camping permitted?
A.        No.
Q.        May I bring alcohol into the parks?
A.        No.
Q.        Do you have a donation progam?
A.        There is a donation program that permits the purchase of specific benches that are permanently installed in a park setting selected by the donor and parks staff. Plaques and trees may be purchased also. For more information, click here or call (856) 216-2173. 


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