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"Downloading" refers to your computer receiving or copying a file from another computer through the Internet. There are a number of different file formats you can download, such as HTML, GIF, JPEG, SWF, PDF, sound and video files, etc.

Two issues affect the length of time it takes for your computer to receive a file: file size and Internet connection speed.

File Size
File size specifications are measured in bytes.

• 75 b = 75 bytes
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Connection Speed
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• 14.4 kb = 1,600 bytes per second
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• 56.0 kb = 6,222 bytes per second

Contacting Camden County

Thank you for visiting the Camden County Web site.
If you require additional information, please take a minute to fill out the form below.

You may also write to us at:

Camden County
Office of Constituent Services
Courthouse, 3rd Floor
520 Market Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102

Main Camden County Voice Number: 1-866-CAMDENCOUNTY (1-866-226-3362)