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Camden County Mobilizing Action Through Planning and Partnership Coalition (MAPP)

Camden County Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnership Coalition (MAPP) Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plan

Local Public Health SystemIn 1994, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other national organizations identified 10 essential services of public health that should be provided to residents in every community in our nation. These essential public health services include such activities as providing information about health and human services issues, linking residents to needed services, conducting research about public health issues and diagnosing and investigating health problems in the community. No one agency or organization is capable by itself of meeting all of the community’s needs. Organizations and agencies must therefore work together as part of the Local Public Health System. The Local Public Health System. The Local Public Health System includes “[a]ll of the public, private and voluntary entities that contribute to the delivery of the ten essential public health services.” In some cases, agencies and organizations directly provide public health services such as medical care, financial support, transportation, housing and training/education for residents and professionals. Other entities may refer residents to needed services and programs. Some entities may provide all ten essential services to thousands of residents; others may provide only one or two services to a much smaller number of persons. Nevertheless, whether their role in providing public health services is direct or indirect, large or small, all of these agencies and organizations share responsibility for ensuring that the ten essential public health services are provided within the community.

Local Public Health System Illustration, CDC,

Community Health Needs Assessment - 2013

 A community health needs assessment (CHNA) is an ongoing and necessary activity to significantly improve the health and quality of life of our county’s residents. In 2013, This community health improvement process, entitled the Tri-County Health Assessment Collaborative, consisting of hospitals, health systems, and health departments within Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties was an ongoing, collaborative, community-wide effort to: 1) identify, analyze and address health problems; 2) assess applicable data; 3) develop measurable health objectives and indicators; 4) inventory community health assets and resources; and 5) develop and implement coordinated strategies to improve health. The CHNA was conduction from September 2012 to June 2013Through collaborative efforts, the community health needs assessment will build on prior work of the Camden County MAPP Coalition, local health systems, hospitals, Senior Services Division, Environmental Health and Community Health Services Divisions, and community, emergency and public health preparedness partners. The assessment was also conducted to comply with requirements set for the in the Affordable Care Act, as well as to further the health department’s commitment to community health population health management.

The Tri-County Collaborative contracted with Holleran, an independent research and consulting firm located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to conduct research in support of the CHNA.  Holleran has 21 Years of experience in conducting public health research and community health needs assessments.

The CHNA collaborative took a comprehensive approach to identifying the needs in the communities it services These components included the following:

Secondary Statistical Data profile                                                                             4 Data Collection Sessions                                                                                        153 Key Informant Interviews                                                                                   2480  Telephone Surveys                                                                                         6 Focus Group Discussions

Camden County Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report

Camden County Secondary Data Health Profile

Camden County Key Informant Survey

Camden County Behavioral Health Risk Factor Survey Results Report

Camden County Executive Summary - BRFSS

2013 Tri-County Collaborative Research Presentation

Camden County Community Health Improvement Plan - (March 2015)

 MAPP Process 2005-2007

Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) is a community assessment and planning tool developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The MAPP process has been used by communities throughout the United States to improve community health and quality of life. The MAPP process is a cooperative effort by local public health system agencies and organizations – including academic institutions, community nonprofits, foundations, health care institutions and providers, schools and other stakeholders -- to conduct community health assessments and develop a community health improvement plan.

The MAPP process begins with community partners agreeing on a vision/community values statement representing conditions that MAPP members would like to see in their community. MAPP members then work together on four community health assessments:

(1) Forces of Change, during which MAPP Coalition partners identify factors, events and trends causing changes in health and quality of life for community residents;

(2) The CDC Local Public Health System Assessment Survey, a formal collective evaluation by MAPP partners of how essential public health services are being provided in the community;

(3) The Community Themes and Strengths or Community Perspectives Assessment, which obtains resident input about health care and quality of life through surveys and focus groups; and

(4) The Community Health Status Assessment, which provides data/statistics about important public health issues.

After these assessments are completed, MAPP partners work together to identify priority health issues and develop a community health improvement plan. The community health improvement plan explains the MAPP process and how it was implemented in the community, identifies priority health issues selected by the MAPP Coalition and explains key strategies for addressing these issues.

The Camden County MAPP Coalition has been meeting since June 2005. Together, MAPP Coalition members have completed the four MAPP Assessments and developed a community health improvement plan.

The 2013 community health needs assessment will be published in January 2014 and available on the Health Department Website.

Information from Camden County’s MAPP process is below:



CAMDEN COUNTY MAPP ASSESSMENTS Assessment #1 Forces of Change Assessment

Forces of Change Presentation - 2007
MAPP Forces of Change Summary - 2007

Assessment #2 Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHA) Documents

LPHA Presentation - 2007
Camden LPHA Narrative Report - 2007
Camden LPHA Analysis - 2007
Camden LPHA Summary Template - 2007

Assessment #3 Community Perspectives Assessment Summary

MAPP Community Perspectives Summary - 2007

Assessment #4 Community Health Status Assessment

Camden County Community Health Profile - 2007
Camden City Community Health Profile - 2007
Community Health Profiles Presentation - 2007

Camden County 2005 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

(BRFSS is a survey of resident health risks and behaviors. For more information, see

Camden County BRFSS Results Presentation 2007


Since 2007, workgroups have been formed to implement strategies to address these six priority issues.


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