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New Waterfront Park Coming to Camden City

(August 23, 2016) - The Camden County Freeholder Board and the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) are creating a new park on the site of a former waste water treatment plant that served Camden City more than 30 years ago. The Cramer Hill Nature Preserve will be a 35-acre urban forest and nature preserve along the banks of the Delaware River adjacent to Petty’s Island and Pennsauken Township.

“This area has been uninhabited for approximately 25 years, since the decommissioning of the plant,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Parks Department. “By next spring, we hope to have it open to the public so everyone can enjoy this amazing natural treasure that’s home to extraordinary wildlife and will be an outstanding counterpart to DEPs plans for the island after Citgo fully decommissions their operations. In addition to the scenic views of the Delaware River, the wildlife on the grounds now include deer and unique birds.”

Nash explained that the Cramer Hill Nature Preserve will compliment Petty’s Island, a historical Camden County landmark that is slated to become state parkland in 2020.  

“Since the industrial revolution more than 100 years ago we have not had this much river front property available for the residents of Camden County. I want to compliment the CCMUA for opening up the river to our community starting in Phoenix Park in South Camden and now with this new preserve in East Camden.” Nash said. “The nature trails and river access will not only contribute to the quality of life for Cramer Hill residents, they will be enjoyed by everyone across the city and county.” 

State funding will be utilized to preserve the wetlands.  The total cleanup and trail construction costs are expected to be around $600,000. At this point a design of the trail system has been completed and the CCMUA is now seeking bids for construction management of the project.