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County Offices Closed – DPW Crews on the Job

(Februay 9, 2017) - Due to the inclement weather, Camden County offices are closed today. All branches of the Camden County Library System, the Prosecutor’s Office and the court system are closed today. Camden County College has canceled classes and activities at all locations today. Please monitor the county’s website and social media outlets for updates.

The Camden County Department of Public Works (DPW) personnel reported into work early this morning to start combating the snow and clearing roads. Crews are out in all 12 winter weather districts across 228-square miles of the county continuing to clear 1,400 lane miles while dealing with drifting snow and freezing temperatures.

“We are still expecting a rapid increase in snow intensity, with rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour,” said Susan Shin Angulo, liaison to the Cmaden County Department of Public Works. “This is an all hands on deck event as our crews continue with this operation throughout the day to keep roads passable and inhibit a refreeze this evening.”

The storm could deliver between 4 and 7 inches of snow to our area. Today’s high temperatures are not expected to reach above the freezing mark as winds increase up to 25 miles per hour causing blowing and drifting of already plowed snow. 

If you don’t have to travel today, please stay off the roads to give our crews the ability to effectively do their job. Work from home if you can, take public transportation if possible and if you must be out make your trips concise and short. Anyone on the roadways during these times should be prepared to encounter slick road conditions.  Always leave at least six car lengths behind our DPW vehicles while they work, and move any cars off the street and into a driveway while we continue our plowing operations,” Shin Angulo said. “Remember that it is illegal in New Jersey to plow or shovel snow from private property into roadways.” 

Since the snow began, 100 pieces of equipment and more than 100 employees have been deployed from the Public Works complex in Lindenwold. Based on the wind the Department of Public Works and Parks also have their trucks and chainsaws at the ready in case of any tree removal operations on county roadways. 

The Department of Public Safety has reported light 911 call volume so far during this current winter weather event. The Freeholder Board and the department also offer assistance to senior citizens and disabled residents who are unable to remove significant amounts of snow accumulation from their properties.

“The snow removal program is available to help seniors and disabled individuals get out of their homes for necessities such as prescriptions or medical appointments,” said Freeholder Jonathan Young, liaison to the Camden County Department of Corrections.  “The program uses Camden County Jail inmates who are carefully screened, non-violent offenders who are guarded at all times on the job site by corrections officers.”

  • The Snow Removal Program will go into effect only after 4 inches of snow has fallen on the ground in our area.
  • At-risk senior and disabled residents can contact the Camden County Division of Emergency Management at (856) 783-4808 ext. 5060, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  • Calls for snow removal will not be taken until after it has stopped snowing.
  • Work Crews will be dispatched only after it has stopped snowing.  The work crews will remove snow only during daylight hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Crews will respond to calls in the order they are received and will service as many residents as possible each day.  There are no guaranteed times when the crews will arrive at a residence.
  • Senior and Disabled residents must call after each substantial snowfall to request this service.

The Department of Corrections will supply the needed equipment.  The program does not supply salt or ice-melting chemicals, but crews will dispense them if supplied by residents.  Contact and conversation between the inmates and the public are prohibited.  Gratuities and gifts or money, food, drink or any other item is strictly prohibited.

In the event that the weather causes isolated power outages, please remember to immediately call your utility company so they can identify the location and coordinate crews to restore your power. This storm has the potential to bring down trees and power lines. Residents need to be extra cognizant of any power failures. Below are numbers and contact info for the two power providers in Camden County:

As always, please use 911 for emergencies only. If you see a problem on a county road, please call our 24-hour hotline at(856) 566-2980 to report it to DPW.  

Continue to check through the storm for weather and road condition updates.  Information will also be provided through Facebook and Twitter.